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Started in the UK ecommerce market by a dedicated and faithful Christian family in June 2021, Atos2UK brand combines modern and stylish Christian apparel with the spreading of the gospel.

Since July 2017 when Atos2BR first appeared in the Brazilian fashion market, the brand which means in English Act 2, it has fulfilled the message from Mark 16:15, reaching lives and sowing the word of God through the season's collection.

The brand provides the best in quality, style, design, comfort and service, alongside the Word of God and the message of love.

                     By Ana Tomazzoli & Saulo De Araujo


unique style

Should you have to compromise style in order to practice your faith? We are based in London to provide you with an alternative.

All our collection is made from the finest fabric and with a special touch of quality.

Quality, Style and Spreading The Gospel are our targets.



To achieve the purpose of God, reaching out to many eyes through our clothing and the message it conveys, as well as quality and comfort for those wearing our garments.

Our Collections

Our Collection
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